Vertical sliding fire door

Product Description

Vertical sliding door can be installed when there is ample free space available above the door opening. The advantage of this type of door is that it can be made in large sizes. The door slats and the track box can be painted any colour from the RAL colour chart. A built-in pedestrian exit can be installed.

Types of vertical sliding doors

  • Single-leaf doors
  • Double-leaf telescopic doors

Types classified by fire resistance class

  • EI60/EW120
  • EI120/EW180

Door Design

A vertical sliding fire door consists of fire-resistant leafs suspended from pulleys. The door moves on side guide rails. The door is held open by means of an electromagnetic holder. The door closes by gravitational force when it receives a fire alarm signal from the central fire alarm system or when the fire alarm button is pressed.

Optional Features

  • Electric drive
  • Built-in pedestrian exit

Photo gallery

  • Vertical sliding fire door, Gate
  • Vertical sliding fire door, Gate